Adventure Logs

After learning about Punny Garden’s Unforgettable Bus, I decided to take a self-guided tour of Punny Garden. At one point, I stumbled across magnificent rolling hills of golden wheat. You could see the gold color for miles!

So, I ran down a long, winding path that led me further into the fields. Soon, I discovered what looked like a windmill, and next to it, a sign that read “What Farm.” That’s odd, I wondered, staring at it with curiosity. “What” was written in big, white, bold letters. Even though I’m not much of a spelling freak, such a simple word spelled wrong was at least silly.

“Can I help you?” A voice called out from across the hill. A pear Punny walked over with a pitchfork in their hand. They were wearing overalls and a straw hat with a hole in the top. In their hands was a bundle of the golden grass.

“Shouldn’t wheat have an a?” I asked them.

The Punny first looked confused, then let out a chortling laugh. “Oh, no,” they replied. “This place is a what farm, not a wheat farm.”

Then, it must’ve been my face that looked confused, because the Punny began to explain. “Here, we grow whats, which can turn into whatever flavor you can imagine when you cook it into what bread.”

The Punny took me inside the windmill, where delicious smells of cheese, flowers, fresh sawdust, pumpkins and strawberries wafted out of enormous pear-shaped ovens and into my nostrils. “All these delicious smells were made by cooking whats,” they pointed out. “We’ll be making them into bread soon!”

Three more pear Punnies wearing neon green aprons were tending to the ovens with large forks, flipping over large pieces of glowing green dough inside. “The dough was made by mixing what grass, maple syrup, and very warm sand in a blender for ten hours. That’s why it glows green.”

“I get it,” I said, nodding in understanding. It all made sense now and my confusion was no more. “So that would explain why this grass is used to make every flavor possible!”

“Yep,” the Punny replied cheerfully, as they put on an apron and donned a chef’s hat. “Since you’re here, what flavor of bread would you like?”

“Hmm,” I pondered. “Whatever flavor possible…” There were endless possibilities. “Ah! I know!” I exclaimed.

About twenty minutes later, the Pear Punny gave me a small loaf of freshly baked what bread straight of the oven.

I took a big chomp of the loaf and chewed it. It felt a little melty, mushy, stringy, and subtly tasted of rocks. It wasn’t bad, though, so I put the remaining bread inside my pocket to eat later.

“Lava flavored bread is an odd request… but it’s a unique one! I had fun making it. Even though I don’t know what lava actually tastes like…” The Pear Punny chuckled. “by the way, my name is Caroline..”

“I’m Eden!” I exclaimed. “It’s nice to meet you, Caroline!”

After I got to Fig’s house, he had to fork over 5 of his rare gemstones to me, because he bet that I would never eat lava in my life. He didn’t know about the What farm either before, so we decided to visit the windmill again the next day to get some water flavored pastries.

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