Adventure Logs

POW – PSHEWWWWW! The blimp I was in went crashing to the ground as a Giant Almond Tabby smashed it with a paw! Just kidding – we dodged it just narrowly by a few feet. In Punny Garden, Almond Tabbies are the massive cat guardians of the Ice Cream Desert. They spend most of their time buried deep under the sand (you never know when you are walking on one), but they sometimes come above ground too. No one has ever seen more than one Tabby at a time, making them pretty mysterious even amongst the most knowledgeable Punnies! However, every Punny agrees that these Tabbies are pretty awesome, so there’s an islandwide holiday every time a new one is born (once every hundred years). I was quite lucky to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Anyways, hundreds of Punnies from all around the island stood patiently inside crowded blimps to witness the amazing event. Soon enough, the ground below started to rumble… and then a pair of very giant pointy ears popped up out of the sand. Everyone (including myself) whooped and cheered as the entire baby emerged out of the ground and yawned. Then, to my surprise, several blimps took out a giant bucket and began to pour sand all over the newborn. “Huh?” I exclaimed in confusion. “Are they trying to bury the cat again?”

An Orange Punny next to me laughed and told me that it’s a tradition to shower the baby kitten in soft sand in order to welcome them into the world. So that’s what we did, and the cat seemed to enjoy it. It nearly slapped us to the ground once with its giant paws flailing about, but other than that the ceremony went pretty smoothly. We had an amazing time at the giant cat’s baby shower, enjoying every second of the massive feline’s rather destructive but curious mannerisms.


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