Hi there! Thank you for coming here to learn more about us and Punny Garden.

Punny Garden started as a family idea of wanting to improve our learned skills while at the same time teach our young children the intricacies of the professional world. Where possible, we focus on positivity and well-being toward oneself or others.  This is apparent in many of our illustrations. Our designs include whimsical factors and goofy expressions to promote and motivate a positive outlook on life.

Throughout this journey, it has helped our daughter see her goals in a more focused perspective. She’s an aspiring young manga artist who have chosen her future career and has set her sight on art.   With this in mind, she is striving to create a beautiful portfolio filled with her own unique style. She dreams of having an art studio one day.

Our young son has picked up programming skills at an alarming rate. Again, energies needed to be channeled and focused so he’s involved with every aspect of coding where it’s necessary. From WordPress php coding  to creating web games in html 5 and canvas, you’ll be surprised at what a nine year old can do when given the chance.

Suffice it to say, Punny Garden has led to not only the development of an online presence but also the development of our little family.  We are proud of both our kids for having the courage to take steps to discover their talent and then choosing to pursue their hopes and dreams.  They are both rockstars in the making and we couldn’t be more proud. We wish all readers of this post all life’s kindness and gentle reminders of what is truly important.