“I love your puns! They are all Grapely appreciated!:)”

portrait of a cute carrot character
Spenc24Unbeetable Fan

“My students will love these cute and clever stickers on our classroom supplies next year!”

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JwinklerxuHoney Bee Yourself Fan

“Best sticker ever!”

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Savyvb06Everyday is Mangonificent Fan

“fun and positive”

Anonymous from BOWRAL, AustraliaEveryday is Mangonificent Fan

“Iā€™m allergic to root veg ā€“ will be a great conversation sticker on my laptop”

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EvangelmanRooting For You Fan

“Excited to decorate my hydro flask šŸ™‚ thank you for your stickers!”

Anonymous from MURRIETA, United StatesUnbeetable Fan

“Enjoy the new duds for Lola (Fig!!!) And Happy New Year!”

Anonymous from NEW YORK, United StatesNo Fig Deal Fan

“So cute! Thank you!”

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