The main protagonist of our story, and a true free spirit. She comes from the world of humans, but nowadays mostly dwells in Punny Garden. She’s a big fan of going on adventures, but sometimes gets carried away by her impulsive nature. For the most part, she’s got a passionate, gutsy, and positive personality in everything she does. You’ll often find her being a big bundle of energy throughout her travels as she satisfies her never-ending curiosity of Punny Garden.

Eden is also compassionate and sensitive of others’ feelings, and will almost always step in to help others when needed. Her supportive and open-minded personality allows her to easily make lots of friends and good acquaintances all across Punny Garden.


  • adventuring anywhere
  • being independent
  • doodling and making art
  • cute animals and plants
  • nature
  • Figaro, her best friend
  • running, climbing, hiking, swimming, and other physical activities
  • very loud music
  • giving it her all
  • adrenaline rushes
  • hot potatoes
  • socializing with others
  • seeing new things
  • being a free spirit and going where she wants


  • feeling bored
  • having to sit still
  • feeling tired or exhausted

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