Figaro’s beloved grandfather and head chef of his own pizza bakery. He is a Fig Punny that carries strong wisdom and idealism in everything he does. Figment doesn’t speak often – rather, he’ll communicate mostly through his cooking. His past is quite mysterious (only Figaro knows about it). Should you ever visit his cafe/bakery, remember to bring high quality ingredients! This dedicated chef won’t take money, but will appreciate fresh fruits/vegetables more.

Harvest Element: Fall


  • Figaro, his favorite grandson
  • his family
  • making delicious pizza with rare ingredients
  • giving away good food
  • taking care of his bushy mustache and eyebrows
  • rare edible plants
  • making his own plant-based cheese
  • soft wheat dough


  • seeing his oven dirty
  • an unclean kitchen
  • aprons (he doesn’t believe in them)
  • burnt toast

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