A shrewd, sharp Corn Punny. He works in some pretty serious business (finance management). At first glance, he tends to look a little intimidating (typically being an individual of few words), but he’s actually quite kind and soft-spoken. No one knows how many degrees and certifications he has, to be frank – all we can say is that he’s quite qualified. Often, he’s seen traveling with Rosie, a sleepy Pineapple Punny that writes fiction.

Harvest Element: Autumn


  • classical novels, historical biographies, research journals, and other cornplicated content
  • learning languages (he knows at least three!)
  • playing the cello
  • doing business
  • the atmosphere of a lively party
  • keeping Rosie company
  • planning out things
  • traveling
  • pop music
  • caffienated drinks (his favorite is coffee)


  • loud scratching noises
  • impulsive people/Punnies
  • fruit flavored tea