Eden’s good friend. She lives in the arid scorching Ice Cream desert in the middle of Spigley Bumpy Dunes. While she mostly spends her time working as a nurse, she sometimes partakes in Eden’s adventures. Like Eden, she is fun to be around (sometimes she becomes a total party animal), but turns into a totally different Punny when it comes to her job.

Harvest Element: Spring


  • healing others
  • Eden
  • gossiping
  • warm weather
  • studying/gathering medicinal plants
  • cute socks and hats
  • cactus flowers
  • adorable animal-shaped sticky notes
  • banjo music
  • cute animals (especially cats)
  • knitting
  • cactus juice


  • rain
  • chalk smell
  • humidity
  • being alone
  • throwing up after drinking too much cactus juice

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