Images of Bandelle

A hyper and spunky Banana Punny who resides in a sunny section of Shades Jungle. She is the best in Punny Garden at making sweet bubbly beverages using only the ripest of banana flowers. On any given weekend, you can often find her selling her home-made fizzy drinks. On other days, she can be seen brewing up a storm in her experimental drink test kitchen (watch out for explosions when you go near!).


  • speaking very fast
  • boiling drinks that aren’t usually boiled
  • sugary foods (she has a major sweet tooth)
  • cute red beanie hats that can hold praying mantises in them
  • giggling loudly after drinking something fizzy
  • bouncing over 40 feet into the air off the coast of Cloverspring Beach


  • wintertime (she tends to get very sleepy during this season)
  • wearing a scarf
  • blow dryers that blow cold air

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