Images of Beecham

Beecham is a soft-spoken and kind Beet Punny that normally lives in the village next to the Five Mountains. He is usually found working at the What Grass fields. It doesn’t look like it, but he is actually very muscular (according to Figaro, stronger than the might of 12 1/2 Punnies combined!). He tends to not speak very much, but always gets the job done. He’s also the older brother to Beegen.

Harvest Element: Autumn


  • harvesting crops
  • music made from rubbery socks
  • his many siblings
  • feeding tiny potato mice that appear in the fields
  • collecting glowing poppies from Hoomy Hills


  • warm showers
  • frostbite
  • refrigerators
  • green orange peels
  • peanut butter

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