Images of Figaro

Eden’s best friend since childhood. He is a sensible and intelligent Fig Punny who tries his best to keep Eden out of trouble. Fig isn’t so fond of crazy adventures, but often ends up going with Eden’s shenanigans anyways to keep her safe.

Like Eden, Figaro is kind and generous, allowing him to make several good friends even though he’s more shy than she is. He’s the most loyal Punny Eden knows – like an “old guard”. He’s also very intelligent, having studied a variety of books from the great Punny scientists. He knows all about Punny Garden’s numerous constellations.

Harvest Element: Autumn


  • galaxies, constellations, and stars
  • Eden, his best friend
  • swimming in the crystal clear rainbow water at Pink Pom Beach
  • playing winterball
  • safety equipment (especially hard hats)
  • special tea brews that are only found in Punny Garden
  • storing things inside his scarf
  • eating cold potatoes
  • collecting cool scarves


  • canoes with an ominous aura
  • figs fruits with no seeds
  • standing at the top of Snail Peak
  • eating hot potatoes

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