Images of Manabu

A super-artsy Mango Punny with an eye for painting. His talent is to paint any kind of vibe on anything. Manabu’s favorite thing to do is create pillow art with the images of fantastical dreams and locations. The pillows he paints on are considered widely to be valuable treasures in Punny Garden. He’s normally quite introverted and keeps to himself; however, if you show any enthusiasm about art and painting, he will become extremely talkative.


  • hoarding art supplies
  • collecting items to make aroma type paint
  • hamster shaped slippers
  • crafting his own paintbrushes and paint out of funky colorful plants
  • skipping through hiking paths while snacking on trail mix
  • meditating on top of giant sunflowers
  • bathing in the colors of the sunset
  • sunflower seed sandwiches


  • pinecones with too much water in them
  • empty salsa jars
  • being interrupted while painting

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