Images of Napolean

Napolean is a serene, totally zen Napa Punny guru with much wisdom about many things. If you catch him on a Sunday, he’ll be glad to tell you about his many wise theories about Punny Garden’s origins with great detail. Napolean is sometimes also known to be good at relationship advice, but doesn’t like to give it often for unknown reasons. Important serious note: Never, ever, take the beanbag off of his head, please.

Harvest Element: Fall


  • his thyme-scented bean bag
  • napping for either 1 second or 12 hours at a time
  • meditating while making a mildly unsettling “oooooooo” sound
  • speaking in few slow, drawn-out words
  • mint tea with a bit of added chocolate
  • hot ramen noodles


  • Wake-up Lake 
  • being woken up
  • bean bags with not enough beans in them

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