Images of Peregrin

Professor Wave’s totally bombastic and energetic younger sister. Pearegrin brings joy to everyone she meets with her funky yet charming music. A normally boring weekend would totally be spruced up with her pure energy and spontaneous attitude. Pearegrin owns the Conehead Music Shop in the Echo Quartz Desert, where she stores her massive collection of odd handmade instruments.

Harvest Element: Autumn


  • playing music to friendly Carrot Squid
  • all kinds of music genres
  • her adorable pink fanny pack (she never goes on an adventure without it)
  • untoasted toast
  • warm, dry weather that could make even a watermelon dry up
  • crafting her own instruments out of exotic plants
  • making witty jokes with Wave, her brother
  • chickweed strings


  • drawing leopards with spots
  • peach pie that smells nothing like peaches
  • being quiet for a long period of time

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