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A Pineapple Punny that writes magical, best-selling fantasy stories that entrance readers from all around Punny Garden. However, you wouldn’t have any idea if you met her. Pinra is the sleepiest, drowsiest Punny that Eden has ever seen! However, she has an extraordinary talent – being able to remember all of her dreams vividly and put them down into eloquent words. Pinra is almost always seen traveling with Cornelius, a sharp and alert Corn Punny that works in finances.

Harvest Element: Spring


  • fantastical and inspiring dreams
  • falling asleep literally anywhere after fifteen or more minutes
  • writing poems with her lucky leafbone pen
  • Cornelius (her Corn Punny friend)
  • bell pepper sushi
  • warm almond milk


  • being woken up
  • caffeinated drinks

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