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Professor Wave is a very knowledgeable, vocal, and slightly eccentric Pear Punny. While he mostly works as a professor of biology at Kale University, he takes on a vast amount of other hobbies. Wave guided Eden on her very first adventures in Punny Garden, and continues to be her mentor today (Eden gets her wacky qualities and curiosity for life from his influence). His real name is Pearcival, but no one really calls him that.

In terms of background, Professor Wave is very mysterious — no one knows where he lives, where he comes from, his age, or how he learned so many obscure skills. 

Harvest Element: Summer


  • discovering new plant and animal species
  • surfing
  • whooping loudly
  • making animal noises
  • eggplant pandas
  • skydiving with bell pepper parachutes
  • hand-crafting records made of orange peels
  • churning peanut butter
  • speaking ancient languages
  • turning sunflower seed shells into statues


  • clouds that are more purple than they should be
  • grass that makes your feet itch

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