Images of Strago

Quite the rambunctious Strawberry Punny! She likes to wear a cowboy hat and chew on a cactus thorn everywhere she goes. Strago also an avid animal rescuer, often tending to the wild goats and horses that get injured on the great wide open plains. She is one of the sweetest Punnies out there, but those that make her horse pals upset can expect to get a knuckle sandwich!

Harvest Element: Summer


  • fancy gravy soup with beans
  • tap dancing
  • any accessories with pineapple husk leather
  • singing an ominous tune while strumming an old banjo
  • campfire ghost stories
  • cowboy hats
  • snake oil (vegetable oil that snakes trade for gems)
  • hot weather
  • chewing on a cactus thorn
  • blue jeans
  • bizarrely large insects
  • horses


  • snow
  • crowds
  • centipedes
  • overly burnt toast
  • public speaking

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