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This was the time I spent in the shady Shades Jungle, helping out some friends with a peculiar ritual. You see, there are no four leaf clovers in Punny Garden, which means that every March, everyone’s luck tends to go downwards. It’s a real annoyance when Figaro keeps misplacing his trusty hard hat gear right before we go rock climbing in the Snail Mountains, or when I lose my left sneaker out of nowhere!

Luckily (pun intended), the awesome Clover Re-pear Crew was created to bring back luck during this very month – by attaching fresh pear leaves to giant clovers only found inside of the Shades Jungle. How, you may ask? Well, we use this special glue made out of magic maple sugar! The thing about this kind of glue is that it miraculously bonds together leaves and allows them to grow in harmony. When two plants have been bonded together correctly, it’ll make a cute little twinkling noise, like a music box sound. It took some careful practice to properly attach the leaves in the right way, but since I’m a quick learner, I was able to get it down pretty fast! I can proudly say I spent a good half-day running around the jungle carrying big buckets of the glue, making shamrocks, and sneezing my LUNGS out (there was lots of dusty pink pollen in the air from the clovers).

Soon enough, all of the biggest clovers were turned into four-leaf shamrocks by the time the great Apple Moon rose into the night sky. Like a charm, everyone’s luck became better the very next week! No longer did I lose a whole sneaker – I only lost the shoelace! And as for Figaro, he was able to find his trusty hard hat again after digging through his bathroom closet for a few hours.


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